Unit 6 Shutdown (Breaker Open)

In January 2020, Unit 6 will begin its power rundown. Station staff will disconnect the unit from the grid and begin the cooldown process while remaining pressurized. The main heat transport pumps are still running to facilitate the next phase of work: defuel.


All secondary steam and feedwater systems are tested and in full service allowing the generator to be synchronized to the provincial grid.

Pressure test

A hydrostatic pressure test of the newly installed pressure tubes, feeder tubes, and boilers proves that we’ve met the requirements. Prior to bulkhead removal, vault pressure testing is completed to ensure that containment for Unit 6 has been properly reestablished.

Moderator Refill

The Unit 6 moderator is filled with reactor-grade heavy water.

Return to service

The Return to Service process ensures that all systems, structures, and components meet the design, performance, and licensing requirements to return the unit to full power following the Unit 6 outage. The process includes system window closeout, system readiness for service confirmations, hot commissioning, and unit start up.

Fuel load

Fuel load marks the beginning of the end for the Unit 6 project. The main work is complete and the CNSC has signed off allowing Bruce Power to begin loading the fuel. This is the point that MCR starts to hand the unit back to Operations and the systems start..Read More

Vault work

This phase of work is the heart of the project. It includes the removal and replacement of the pressure tubes, calandria tubes, as well as the lower and upper feeders. This work is primarily completed by Shoreline Power Group. 460 feeder tubes, 480 fuel channels, and 480 calandria tubes are..Read More

Steam generator replacement

An 1,800-tonne capacity crane is used to remove the old steam generators and lower the new ones into place through ports in the roof of the reactor building.  Each steam generator weighs approximately 145 tonnes

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