The Partnership

In 2019, the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON) and Bruce Power entered into the New Isotope Collaboration and Marketing Agreement to jointly market the isotope lutetium-177, which began production at Bruce Power in 2022. This partnership will support the global fight against cancer, while also focusing on creating new and meaningful economic opportunities within the SON Territory.

In order to produce and distribute new isotopes at Bruce Power, Bruce Power has also partnered with Isogen and ITM. Isogen has developed the Isotope Production System or IPS that will be used to create medical isotopes at Bruce Power. ITM is a medical company focusing on cancer treatment and will provide the source material for isotope creation and be responsible for distributing the final product to its clients in the health care and cancer treatment sectors.

By working together on the Lu-177 project, Bruce Power and SON will engage together on marketing and collaboration, while working jointly with the Ontario and federal governments to leverages this historic opportunity to create sustainable economic benefits.

The partnership will enable the SON to derive meaningful economic benefit for their Communities on an annual basis, and over-time will reduce barriers to economic self-sufficiency and improve available programs, services and infrastructure for SON members.

We believe this Partnership is the first step in a new relationship that will create mutually shared benefits. The project will contribute resources to the world’s health care system, having an international impact on cancer treatment. It is a project that the SON People support. It is a project that would benefit Canadians through its contributions to the health care system, the creation of jobs, advancing innovation, and boosting the economy.

Bruce Power and SON began exploring this opportunity to work together in early 2019. The completion of the agreement followed extensive dialogue and community engagement sessions in 2019. We aim to continue to provide ongoing opportunities for engagement, input and dialogue.

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